Welcome to Cam and Texie Teter’s

Greenman Nursery Sebastopol CA

Zona Rosa

The property previously occupied by Vintage Gardens still has many heirloom rose varieties on display. Cam and Texie continue the lines through propagation and many are available to purchase.


Texie is mad about her succulents. She loves them.. She enjoys raising and caring for them and you will benefit from her obsession with a wide variety to choose from.


No chefs garden is complete without culinary herbs. We also carry medicinals and scented herbs for creating essential oils and potpourri.


Cam has been providing the San Francisco Bay area with fresh fruit trees for over 20 years. Choose from our apple, cherry, peach, fig, persimmon, apricot, quince, pear, Asian Pear, plum, grapes, walnut, Jujube and citrus.

With Cam's help the bay area is turning into a real Fruitopia!

Las Veges

They say there are two things you can't buy in life, true love and homegrown tomatoes.

At Greenman nursery you can find them both. Locally grown organic vegetable starts including Heirloom Tomatoes,squash, beans, artichoke, celery and much more.


Greenman Nursery is well stocked with berries. Over 20 varieties available. Visiting the nursery on the right day you may be overwhelmed with the fruit that is ripe for sampling.

Muchas Grasses

No landscape is complete without the textural compliment of ornamental grasses. Many of which are drought tolerant and easy to grow.